July 2022

This has been one of the most exciting months of my life. We are now OPEN!

We had our Tourism inspection and the inspector kept saying Wow every time she entered a room. That makes me feel very good!

Our first guest arrived and gave us flowers. Imagine that! And we thank you, dear guests for taking the time to give us positive reviews. Reviews and word of mouth are so important when starting a new business.  Make sure you check out our 2022 reviews as some websites still have reviews for the former owners.

I wanted our property to be welcoming and unique, so I decided to name our rooms after the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Much nicer than just numbers don’t you think? Each suite has colours that reflect each of those seasons.

Spring has a peachy rose-coloured wall with the same colour accents throughout the suite bringing happiness and joy after three long months of winter. Summer has touches of green, the colour of nature which surrounds our beautiful Island. Autumn brings us comfort and is represented by warm yellow while winter has the cool blue sea and sky accents throughout.

Our two new suites coming for 2023 will be named Sunrise and Sunset, both of which you can watch on our decks facing St. Peter’s Bay.

Speaking of St. Peter’s, it has been a very busy area this summer with many hikers and cyclists using the Confederation trail. The nicest part of the whole trail (so we are told) is between here and Morell. Other visitors have been coming to paddle board or kayak and to visit our little shops and theatre. The Rollo Bay Festival is just 15 minutes down the road, and everyone was happy to see it get back on its feet.

Like many other businesses in the hospitality industry, we have been challenged in finding staff and keeping up with the demand. We take great pride in having super clean rooms and a very welcoming attitude. We hope you will agree that we are meeting and surpassing that bar.

Until next time,