June 2022

It is finally coming together! 

After months of construction, painting, selecting furniture, deciding on colours and more, we will have four suites ready for the 2022 season. There are so many details to think of when renovating.  It is quite a learning process!

Coming from another country, we are never sure where to start but we have had tremendous help from some friends and some experts we hired. We love our new logo and name, and we hope you do too. We are, after all, at the gateway to Greenwich just down the road from us. It is truly a new beginning!

The biggest thanks go to our carpenters who were able to finish the job. Mario, Neil, Peter were excellent workers and I highly recommend them. I hope they will come back and finish our two other suites in the fall. Here are some photos of them finishing up the outside of the suites with new steps.

I really like the addition of the partitions between each suite. It now gives everyone a little bit more privacy while still maintaining the gorgeous views of the bay that we have. The new railing upstairs is nice and bright and the composite deck on both floors is very fresh looking.

Of course, there is some fun involved too. I got to choose the flowers, chairs, and benches for the decks as well as all the items for the suites and to coordinate them with my idea to name each one after a season in the year. I will have more information on that next time.

I can’t wait to see what our first guests have to say!

Until next time,